Introducing Lean Cuts

Brian EnglishAugust 13, 2018 – Lean Cuts, a new offering by Oink Ink Radio which launched earlier this month, has named Brian English its Creative Director and Executive Producer. Mr. English comes from a strong background in the creative advertising space, having started as a Copywriter and working his way up to Creative Director. Working for companies such as iHeartMedia and BBDO Advertising, Mr. English has been writing and producing radio commercials since 1995.  In fact, it was in his capacity as Associate Creative Director at BBDO that Oink partners, Dan and Jim Price, first worked with English.  “I must have worked on 50 AT&T commercials with the Price brothers,” said English.  “Together we produced some of the best work I’d ever done.”

Mr. English managed AT&T’s multimillion-dollar national and local advertising efforts in his time with BBDO.  He’s also created digital and social media campaigns and led teams of talented marketing professionals in the development of strategic advertising programs while at ad agency Saatchi, as well as Ammirati in New York.

As the Creative Director of Lean Cuts, Mr. English’s experience and expertise will serve him well in making a profound impact within a much ‘leaner’ market.

“For 26 years now Oink has been thought of as ‘high end’, if you will.  For the most part our clients have always been larger brands,” says the firm’s President, Dan Price.  In fact, the company’s Client List reads like a Who’s Who of national companies, from names like Verizon, CBS, NBC, Google, Microsoft, Ford, Staples, IBM and Mountain Dew.  “We’ve had the good fortune to work for most every brand I can think of, truth be told,” says Price. But those large brands often had large budget  Oink Ink’s business model is such that – at every stage – no expense is spared.  Dan and his partner/brother, Jim Price, manage a pool of 3 dozen of the country’s most talented radio writers and cast their commercials from among both New York and Los Angeles actors.  According to Jim Price, “that’s what we’re hired to do; pull out all the stops and provide our clients with the very best radio on the air at a given time, in their particular ‘space’.”

The partners realized that they had become adept at something else over their long history: assembling and managing resources. And so in their desire to make great audio available to a wider market, Lean Cuts was born. “We simply figured out how to utilize specific resources we have been working with…”budget conscious” writers, engineers…and use them in such a way as to make great, national-sounding audio advertising affordable to a broader base,” says Jim.  “So instead of using 7 or 8 writers on a job, we might engage 2 or 3.  Instead of spending days in the studio we coordinate in such a way as to take advantage of certain equities.  We’ll also take even further advantage of new technologies when it comes to recording actors.”  Of course, with resourcefulness comes cost benefits.  Lean Cuts rate card will be “significantly less” than Oink’s; the company offers production services for scripts written by clients as well as its full service which includes original script writing.